IZ:TNC began as a simple Invader Zim roleplay in the fall of 2019, brought on by the short revival of the show via the Netflix movie "Enter The Florpus." It eventually sprawled into a years-long story we created together... and now, we're making it a fancomic! How neat is that!

Also, this is a horror fancomic. Reader discretion is advised.


RPed the Control Brains, and also a bunch of other guys.
Does: Panel thumbnails/storyboarding, site coding, etc

Ghost is a little clown, with a lot of evil inside him. Also fruit gummies.
Truly, a man of complexity.


RPed Gir, Various Characters
Does: Website upkeep, panel art

Cube once dug three blocks down and put a dirt block over their head and no one has heard from them since.


RPed Zim and a plethora of other characters.
Does: His best.

Likes men. A lot.


The resident Dib Kinnie. RPed Dib and many others!
Does: idk man he’s trying to start drawing

Dib is just a guy and not a vampire at all. They try their best most of the time :)


These folks were part of the RP and contribute to the writing of the comic.

Dirt       RPed Prof. Membrane, Red (Season 2)

Seal       RPed Purple, Various Characters

Goo       RPed Gaz, Skoodge